Our team works collectively to assist clients in tackling complex transactions. We look to help shape the future for our clients—whether creating, restructuring, or dissolving entities, negotiating mergers and acquisitions, launching public offerings, developing innovative financing structures, establishing long-term tax planning strategies or analyzing the risks and rewards of a new business strategy. No matter what industry or business model, we help develop innovative solutions that pave the way for future growth.

Contracts, M&A, and Corporate Law Matters


As outside general counsel, we offer a variety of services that focus on ensuring that our clients, their boards of directors and their officers are taking legally sound actions. We often serve as the face of an organization as it negotiates transactions with partners, vendors, customers, accounting firms, other law firms and governmental agencies. Our goal is to deliver sound guidance related to all contractual matters, employee incentive plan management, investor communications, board meetings, corporate governance, and dispute resolution when necessary. We also advise our clients in circumstances where solutions to substantive matters of government relations, public affairs and legislative issues are material to their businesses.

Ongoing legal support for businesses


Federal Tax, State & Local Tax, and Estate Tax

Our team handles all aspects of U.S. tax law. Our tax lawyers bring years of experience gained, in both private and in government matters, to each engagement with the goal of creative and value-added tax solutions. Our tax practice coordinates its efforts with our lawyers in other disciplines to provide a team approach to each client matter. Our attorneys are experienced in virtually every type of matter that presents significant tax issues. Our tax professionals also have played leading roles in developing creative controversy resolutions, such as federal, state, and local settlements, fast-track appeals settlements, prefiling agreements and similar expedited resolution strategies. If litigation is required, the firm is ready to take on tax controversies.


Our mission is to help our clients plan for and protect the two most important things in their lives: the people they love and the assets they have. In doing so, we provide top quality estate planning, business succession planning, and related services delivered with personalized care. In understanding that no two families are alike, we take the time to get to know our clients so that we can provide customized advice to accomplish their specific goals and objectives. We provide protection in times of prosperity, security in times of uncertainty, and comfort in times of crisis. Finally, we see our role with our clients as both advisor and educator. Our clients leave our office understanding all of the options so they can forge their path with confidence.We also impress upon our clients the importance of systematic reviews of any estate plan. Laws change, our clients’ lives and assets change, and the lives of the people they love change. All of this impacts estate planning, and good plans require review and updates so that they work when they are needed most. 

Wills, Probate, and Estate Planning